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I have never dreaded the darkness in life. Somehow it has always been a part of this world and approaching it and confronting with it can actually make life more beautiful. Now it's that time of year, when leaves start to turn, cold winds roll into the land and the heat of summer starts to vanish. It naturally begs the question of the dark side of things. I try to use this time of year to my advantage and find beauty in even the darkest spots.

With temperatures sinking it makes going out and exploring nature that much more fun exciting. Fall is not truly here yet and most of nature is in bloom. I try to use this time to make trips and generally explore the world around me. These shots of nature were taken around our mountain cottage, from which I have shown you some new images in my recent post on Friday. I hope to see you out and about as well. Please link up your posts, I can't tell you how much I love browsing through the happening in your corner of the world.

While you could argue that summer is still around (especially here in the south of the country), the northern parts are slowly but surely starting to experience the start of the fall season. During a recent visit to our Mountain Cottage I got to capture some of those sights. You will see nature in bloom though, as the fall season has only just started.

Traditional Villages are common here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You have really, really old ones, everyone knows about, like Lukomir, then there are the hidden ones spread out through the country. One of those hidden gems is the village Babici in the plains of Rostovo, located near Bugojno. Now, this village, though traditional in design isn't really old. It has been rebuild in order to showcase what life used to look like.

We had some really great weather this past weekend (though it rained on Sunday) which made walking the city really enjoyable. We had friends visiting and did the obligatory walk through the Old Town of Mostar. This time we went to  the Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque. It really gives you the best views of the old bridge. Completed in 1618, this mosque is the second biggest in Mostar. It is placed just 150 meters north of the Old Bridge on the very edge of the river bank. That position gives an unforgettable view over the Old town from the mosque’s minaret. Here are some images for our afternoon and thank you for visiting and linking up.

On the second day in Neum, after a whole day of swimming (for me at least) my friends and I went for a walk in the western part of Neum. The city has build a brand new walking lane, that stretches along the shoreline. On one side you can find new houses, apartments and luxurious homes and on the other private beaches, and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Come join us for one final summer stroll along the seaside.

I'm bringing back the multi part travel series on the blog it seems. After completing the 3-part Zijemlje travel series, I'm back again, but this time with a two part post about my recent weekend in Neum. I have already posted some GoPro underwater images I took while swimming there. This series here are actually two walks my friends and I made on two separate days. Part one covers the east part of town, while the second one covers the west part which includes a brand new walking lane. I hope you will enjoy both of them.

As the day came to an end so did our stay in the foothills in the slopes of mountain Velez. But before we departed and returned home we enjoyed the sunset here. After climbing a small hill we saw this really gorgeous mountain valley. Some roads (though I using the word road is very generous here) were leading away into the forests. We stayed close by though, and to our surprise discovered tombstones scattered across the valley...

Summer isn't completely gone here in South Europe and while the work days are busy and hectic, the weekends still offer themselves up for an escape to the seaside. These images were taken under water with the GoPro 4, and I had a lot of fun using the little camera. I took some videos as well, and tried to capture as much as interesting details beneath the surface as I could. I hope you will enjoy these. I hope to share some above the surface shots as soon as possible, but before that the third and final part of the "Visiting Zijemlje" photo series, will be uploaded as well.

As the sun started to set in the valley of the village Zijemlje, the landscapes started to change around us. Gone was the heat of the afternoon and a calm and mellow wind blew through the land. We returned to our car from the place we had explored in the first part. Our goal was to drive further into the mountains, but before that I took some sunset images in the valley.

There are many places in south Bosnia and Herzegovina that offer themselves up for a great day trip. Places like Blagaj, Kravice Waterfalls, Pocitelj, Stolac, and so on. Most of them are well known and tourists swarm them, especially in the summer. But when you really want to escape to crowds there are other places where it feels like it's the end of the world. Small villages, like Zijemlje, located an hour drive up the mountains from Mostar. I have visited this village before during the winter, and always wanted to come back when the trees are green and maybe even at sunset. Luckily for me, I accomplished both of those things this past Saturday.

Pocitelj presents one of few urban ensembles in Bosnia and Herzegovina preserved in their integrity to the present time developed through the several phases of the history, beginning with the medieval period. When you stand here, inside the walls, surrounded by so much history, you start to wonder about the place, of what was here before, and who stood in these spots. There is quite a lot of the old structure left here, and the main tower is very much accessible. From many places, you can gaze out of the windows and look into the surrounding nature and river Neretva, which is flowing beside the town. A full three part travel series to Pocitelj can be found by clicking here.

There are a million photo apps out there. From Instagram to Snapchat, each tries to outdo the other, and the smart phone user can get bogged down by so many of them. While I do use Instagram frequently (you can follow me there as well, for more photos) I'm always on the lookout for something new and good. While Prisma has been out for a while now, I haven't really gone with the trend and started immediately using it, thinking that it was one of those many photo apps that I can't be bothered with. After all, for my photography I really only need Adobe Photoshop which is a powerful tool. So if an app comes along it better bring something new.

I love the quietness of the night. The moment when life calms down and the "silence" becomes the main noise. These images were taken from the window of our apartment in Sarajevo. It was a starry night, and the moon was clearly visible above the buildings. Getting in closer with my camera I noticed more and more stars, dotted across the sky. I lingered for a while after I took them, since the view was simply amazing.

Summertime in the mountains is not only lush and green, but often times a welcome escape from the heat. I love this stretch of mountains in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, which covers the Ivan mountain mostly. Nature here is very charming, from deep woods to amazing cliff and rock formations. I hope you'll enjoy these images, and I'm looking forward to seeing and visiting your contributions. So don't forget to link in!

Before summer is all gone, lets return to the beaches once more. When the daylight hits the shorelines, life is carefree and relaxed. Even if you don't take one swim (but why wouldn't you) it would be a great day outside. When the clouds roll in like in the first shots you can even get some interest in the sky. 

The heat of summer has been escaping lately and we can finally enjoy some fresh nights here in Mostar. This makes evening around the house very enjoyable. Beni has been enjoying his time outside as well. We can relax on the porch, have dinner and listen to the wind in the trees. I love this part of year.

Summer Nights are mostly quiet and lonesome. When the sea goes to sleep so does the rush of day. The scenery does transform during this time of day, welcoming when which is most it comes to photography. These images were taken on the small island Krapanj. I'm welcoming you again to share your photos this week with the rest of us. I love visiting and seeing you visit each other. Have a great week!

I have said it many times, I love foggy landscapes, but even more so I love it when the fog is visible on water surfaces, like rivers and lakes. I rarely get the opportunity to take those shots, since I'm usually never near a lake or river early in the morning or evening. But I was on a drive this past week during the evening hours

When summer is kind to us like in the past few days, then you can really sit down and enjoy the sunsets in the evening or take a walk through the city and enjoy it all. Lately driving out of the city was more fruitful to me when it came to capturing sunsets. I hope to see you posts today and during the week since I always visit each and every link that is shared. I love the community one can form with these link ups. Thank you for participating.